Development centre in Portugal

Development centre in Portugal
Lisbon city centre, Portugal.

Discover why we decided to have a software development centre in Lisbon, Portugal

What is a software development centre?

A software development centre, in the context of outsourcing, refers to a dedicated facility or division within a company or organization that focuses on IT and software development activities to serve external clients. It is a specialized unit where teams of skilled professionals work on designing, developing, and maintaining software solutions for client organizations.

Outsourcing, in the realm of software development, involves delegating specific tasks or projects to external parties, often located in different geographical locations. A software development centre can be established as part of an outsourcing strategy, where a company leverages the expertise and resources of external software development teams to meet the technological needs of its clients.

The software development centre acts as a collaborative and innovative hub, housing a diverse set of technical experts, including software engineers, designers, quality assurance specialists, and project managers. These professionals work collectively to ideate, create, and deliver high-quality software solutions that align with the requirements and objectives of client organizations.

The centre operates under a structured framework, following industry best practices and utilizing established software development methodologies. It is equipped with the necessary infrastructure, tools, and technologies to facilitate efficient development processes. Effective communication and collaboration within the centre, as well as with client stakeholders, are essential for successful outsourcing engagements.

In summary, a software development centre, in the context of outsourcing and IT, refers to a dedicated facility or division where teams of experts collaborate to design, develop, and maintain software solutions for client organizations. It serves as a collaborative hub, leveraging specialized skills and external resources to enhance software development capabilities and meet clients' technological needs.

Why we chose Portugal?

Why we chose Portugal?

The country's strong education system produces highly skilled professionals in the field of software development and engineering. We, at Share IT, recognize the importance of a talented workforce in driving innovation and delivering cutting-edge solutions to our clients. By establishing a software development centre in Portugal, we aim to tap into the vast pool of skilled professionals and nurture their talents to create exceptional software products.

Furthermore, Portugal's rich cultural heritage and vibrant tech community provide an inspiring environment for our teams. The country's history of exploration, creativity, and entrepreneurship aligns with our values and vision. We believe that the dynamic culture of Portugal will foster a collaborative and innovative atmosphere, allowing our teams to thrive and excel in their work.

In addition to its talented workforce and cultural richness, Portugal's strategic location makes it an ideal choice for our expansion plans. Situated at the western tip of Europe, Portugal offers excellent connectivity to major global markets. This advantageous geographical location facilitates effective collaboration with our clients and partners across different time zones. It also provides convenient access to other European countries, allowing for seamless coordination and cooperation on international projects.

Our decision to establish a software development centre in Portugal demonstrates our commitment to growth and innovation. By leveraging the talent, culture, and location advantages that Portugal offers, we aim to further enhance our capabilities and deliver exceptional software solutions to our clients worldwide.

With our new software development centre in Portugal, we are poised to drive technological advancements, cultivate talent, and contribute to the flourishing tech landscape of the country. We are excited about this new chapter and look forward to the opportunities and achievements that lie ahead.

Why outsource to Portugal?

Why outsource to Portugal?

There are several compelling reasons to consider outsourcing software development to Portugal. In this section, we describe some of them of the advantages.

Talent pool

Portugal has a highly skilled and educated workforce in the field of software development. The country boasts excellent universities and technical institutes that produce a steady stream of talented software engineers and IT professionals. By outsourcing to Portugal, companies can tap into this rich talent pool and access a diverse range of expertise.

Competitive rates

Compared to other European countries and the United States, Portugal offers a cost-effective outsourcing destination. The labour costs in Portugal are relatively lower, making it an attractive option for companies seeking quality software development at a more competitive price point.

Language and cultural compatibility

Portugal has a strong command of the English language, making communication with outsourcing partners smooth and effective. Additionally, the cultural compatibility between Portugal and many Western countries ensures a comfortable working relationship, with shared values and similar work ethics.

Time zone advantage

Portugal operates in the Western European Time Zone (WET), which provides significant overlap with other European countries and allows for efficient collaboration. This time zone advantage enables real-time communication and facilitates seamless project coordination, especially for companies based in Europe and the Americas.

Proximity to Europe

Portugal's location on the western edge of Europe offers excellent proximity to major European markets. This makes it convenient for companies outsourcing software development to work closely with clients and partners located in Europe, reducing travel time and facilitating face-to-face meetings when needed.

Government support and stability

Portugal provides a stable political and economic environment, which is conducive to business growth and investment. The Portuguese government actively promotes and supports the IT and software development sector through various initiatives, incentives, and tax benefits, further enhancing the appeal of outsourcing to the country.

Technological Infrastructure

Portugal has made significant investments in developing its technological infrastructure, including high-speed internet connectivity and advanced telecommunications networks. This robust infrastructure ensures reliable and efficient communication, data transfer, and collaboration with outsourced software development teams.

So why Portugal?

By outsourcing software development to Portugal, companies can leverage the country's skilled workforce, competitive costs, favourable business environment, and convenient location. It allows businesses to access top talent, reduce development costs, accelerate project timelines, and deliver high-quality software solutions to their clients.

Portugal as a nearshore and offshore destination

Portugal offers an amazing location as an outsourcing software development destination for companies based in Europe as well as for companies based in North America.

Nearshore destination for Europe

Nearshore destination for Europe

On top of all the advantages described above, Portugal is an ideal nearshore location for Europe because it offers excellent proximity to major European capitals. With short flight distances, it connects seamlessly to key cities such as London (1,400 km), Paris (1,500 km), Berlin (2,000 km), Copenhagen (2,600 km), and Amsterdam (2,100 km). Moreover, Portugal shares a time zone (WET - Western European Time) with these capitals, ensuring efficient collaboration and minimizing communication barriers.

Offshore destination for North America

Offshore destination for North America

The time difference between Portugal and the East Coast of North America is typically just four to five hours, depending on daylight saving time.

With this minimal time difference, Portugal is a great offshore destination that ensures that teams in both regions can easily align their working hours, minimizing delays and maximizing productivity. Companies in North America can communicate with their Portuguese development teams in real-time, without the need for significant adjustments to their schedules.

Lisbon is well-connected to major cities on the US East Coast by reasonably short flight durations. Travelling from popular East Coast destinations to Lisbon typically takes around 6 to 7 hours from New York City and Boston, 8 to 9 hours from Miami, and approximately 7 to 8 hours from Washington, D.C. These manageable flight times make it convenient for North American businesses to establish and maintain collaborations with their Portuguese counterparts. The accessibility of Lisbon from the North American East Coast facilitates face-to-face meetings, fostering closer working relationships and enhancing communication between the two regions.

Where are we in Portugal?

We have development centres located in Lisbon, Torres Vedras, and Óbidos, three vibrant cities in Portugal. These strategic locations allow us to tap into a diverse talent pool, foster innovation, and deliver high-quality software solutions to our clients.

Lisbon hub

Lisbon city centre, Portugal
Lisbon city centre, Portugal.

Discover Lisbon, the thriving hub for software development and outsourcing. Benefit from its vibrant ecosystem, diverse talent pool, and strategic location. With cutting-edge technologies and a collaborative spirit, our teams in Lisbon deliver high-quality software solutions, meeting and exceeding client expectations. Experience the advantages of working with us in Lisbon, where innovation, talent, and strategic advantages converge for successful software development and outsourcing engagements.

Torres Vedras hub

Torres Vedras city centre, Portugal
Torres Vedras city centre, Portugal.

Explore our Torres Vedras hub located just 40 km north of Lisbon, Portugal. Nestled in a region known for its natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, our centre combines the advantages of proximity to Lisbon with the stability of talent retention. By establishing our software development centre outside the bustling city, we leverage the tranquil surroundings to foster focus, collaboration, and creativity. Our dedicated teams thrive in this environment, delivering top-notch software solutions while enjoying the benefits of a stable talent pool

Óbidos hub

Óbidos city centre, Portugal.
Óbidos city centre, Portugal.

Located in Óbidos, a picturesque town just 80 km north of Lisbon, Portugal. Situated in a vibrant technological park, our centre combines the advantages of a strategic location with the charm of a medieval historical village. In Óbidos, our dedicated teams harness the inspiring surroundings to create innovative software solutions while enjoying the tranquillity and rich cultural heritage of the region. With access to a stable talent pool and a thriving tech ecosystem, our centre in Óbidos offers the perfect blend of modern technology and historical allure.

What services do we provide from Portugal?

We provide software development services to clients across Europe and North America from our existing development centres. Discover the services we provide from our development centres in Portugal.

Agile software projects

Agile software projects

We specialize in Agile software development projects. The agile methodology emphasizes collaboration, adaptability, and customer-centricity. Our cross-functional teams work in short iterations, delivering incremental features and embracing changing requirements. With Agile, we prioritize client involvement, feedback, and continuous improvement. Our approach ensures responsiveness, early value delivery, and successful outcomes.

Dedicated software development teams

Dedicated software development teams

We provide dedicated software development teams that are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. These teams are composed of cross-functional experts who collaborate closely with clients throughout the development process. With a customer-centric approach, our dedicated teams work diligently to deliver high-quality software solutions. By focusing on effective communication and adaptability, we ensure seamless collaboration and successful outcomes for our clients in their software development endeavours.

Team extension

Team extension

We offer staff augmentation services in IT and software development. Our dedicated teams of skilled professionals seamlessly integrate with your existing workforce to enhance your capabilities. With access to a pool of talented individuals, you can quickly scale your team, increase productivity, and accelerate project timelines. Whether you need additional software developers, IT specialists, or technical experts, our staff augmentation services provide the right talent to meet your specific project requirements. We handle recruitment, onboarding, and administration, allowing you to focus on your core business objectives while leveraging the specialized skills and knowledge of our dedicated staff. Partnering with us for staff augmentation in IT and software development gives you the flexibility, expertise, and scalability needed to successfully execute your projects.

Why Share IT as your software development partner?

Choosing Share IT as your software development partner offers a multitude of advantages. With our global presence and expertise, we have established development centres in Portugal, Argentina, and Romania. This diverse network allows us to tap into various talent pools, ensuring the right expertise for your project. Whether you prefer the strategic location of Portugal, the competitive advantages of Argentina, or the technical excellence of Romania, we can match your specific requirements with the most suitable development centre.

At Share IT, client satisfaction is our top priority. We believe in building strong partnerships based on effective communication, collaboration, and transparency. Our dedicated teams work closely with clients, understanding their needs, and providing regular updates throughout the software development process. With Share IT as your partner, you can expect a seamless and reliable experience, backed by our commitment to delivering exceptional results.

When you choose Share IT, you gain access to our extensive industry knowledge, rigorous quality standards, and innovative approach. Our teams stay at the forefront of emerging technologies, ensuring that your software solutions are cutting-edge and future-proof. Additionally, our global delivery model enables us to offer competitive pricing without compromising on the quality and value we provide. Trust Share IT as your software development partner and unlock the benefits of our global presence, expertise, and dedication to delivering outstanding solutions.

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