Best nearshore destinations in Europe for software development

Best nearshore destinations in Europe for software development

Discover the best nearshore European countries for software development outsourcing.

Nearshore European destinations

Choosing a nearshore destination for your software development team is a true challenge! There are so many factors needed to take into account, such as the work quality, the language barrier, safety, the availability of skilled workers, and many more. In this article, we gathered the best development nearshore destinations in Europe. Keep reading to learn more!

First things first: why nearshore?

It is not a surprise that many companies are planning to establish a nearshore software development team. By choosing a nearshore setup, these companies can increase their poll of potential candidates, access highly qualified talent, and benefit from more competitive rates.

One of the main benefits of outsourcing in a nearshore setup is the short time zone difference, which makes it easier to directly connect with the development team during regular business hours since the development team is in a nearby country.

So many benefits, but let’s get into the central question: what are the best European destinations?


When it comes to nearshore European destinations, Portugal is at the top of our list! Portugal is in constant economic growth and has established itself as one of the safest countries in the world, offering an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

With some of the best universities in Europe, Portugal has a talented and multilingual workforce, ready to take on any challenge. The Portuguese are among the most proficient English speakers in the world, but not only! They also share proximity to other languages such as Spanish and French. When it comes to location, Portugal is in the same time zone as London and only one hour behind Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen, and other major capitals. It’s an excellent destination for companies looking for high-quality developers!


Romania has been increasing in popularity over the years as a nearshore destination for its high-quality developers. It’s one of the CEE countries with the most significant number of software developers trained in well-ranked Universities.

Romanians are among the best English speakers in the world and have a hard-working nature and a cost-benefit ratio between work and lifestyle. If you consider the time zone, Romania is just one hour behind the main European capitals. This is an excellent location for companies looking for developers with multiple skill sets.


Poland is also a great option for a nearshore software development setup. The country has a very recognized software IT sector and offers a wide range of services at competitive prices. Polish software developers are known for their high level of expertise and ability to deliver quality work in the time frame you need. This is only possible thanks to the many well-ranked universities that produce high-quality graduates.

Additionally, the cost of living in Poland is relatively low, and language and cultural barriers are hardly present.


We can’t talk about nearshore setups without mentioning Ukraine. It’s vastly recognized for its skilled workforce and a robust IT industry with a large pool of talented software developers.

Ukraine is increasingly known for its hardworking spirit and excellent work ethic. Their decades of experience will be much valued to provide for all your software needs.

Additionally, the time zone difference between Ukraine and most Western European countries is only two hours, which makes communication and project management much more manageable. The cost of living and doing business in Ukraine is much lower than in other European countries.


Lithuania is an up-and-coming nearshore destination in Europe. The country has a solid technical background and high-ranking developers ready to take on any challenge!

Additionally, the time zone difference between Lithuania and Western Europe is not too big, which makes the schedules have no impact when you need to approach the team or take stock of your project.


Estonia might be a small country, but it has a lot to offer when it comes to nearshore software development destinations. The country has a long history of being on the cutting edge of technology, which resulted in a strong culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Thanks to this heritage, there are many highly skilled workers in Estonia. In fact, Estonia has one of the highest concentrations of software developers in Europe.

With its unique and rich culture, Estonia has a similar time zone to major capitals like Berlin, Copenhagen, and Paris, making it convenient and practical.


Bulgaria has a lot to offer when it comes to nearshore software development. Their highly skilled developers are extremely knowledgeable in various programming languages and platforms. In addition, they are accustomed to working in an international environment and collaborating with remote teams.

Working with a nearshore team in Bulgaria is practically seamless with a convenient time zone and no language barriers.

Other great destinations

Other great options for nearshore destinations include Slovakia, Serbia, the Czech Republic, and Hungary, among others. In the past, many companies wondered if there was any difference in quality and speed of delivery between Eastern and Western European countries. However, we assess that both regions are very similar nowadays, with Western Europe locations still having a slightly higher cost.

In the end, the question should only be one: is this the team that best fits my nearshore needs? We think these destinations are the right ones for your company! 😊

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