Best marketing agencies in Portugal

Best marketing agencies in Portugal

Discover the best marketing agencies in Portugal. Ready to find the best partner for your next digital marketing campaign, website, e-commerce platform, branding, or communication strategy?

Are you looking for a marketing agency in Portugal?

Need a little help for your brand’s next campaign? Are you looking to build a website or e-commerce platform? It is critical to work with a strong marketing and digital marketing partner in today's business world!

Marketing is an essential part of any business, and it can be challenging to do it effectively on your own. That's where a marketing agency comes in.

This blog post lists the three marketing agencies in Portugal that we think are the best. These agencies have years of experience and a team of dedicated professionals who can help you reach your brand goals.

So, if you are looking for an agency that can help you boost your brand awareness and increase your sales, these are the agencies you should consider!

The first marketing agency on our list is With 20+ years of experience in digital marketing, this agency specializes in developing solutions that transform and optimize brands for a digital economy. Its strength lies in matching marketing, design, technology, and digital marketing performance. is one of the leading Umbraco and WordPress agencies in Portugal, as well.

In its repertoire are brands such as FNAC, Makro, Unilever, and Fresenius Kabi, among others.

What services are provided?

Web and mobile development, e-commerce implementation, digital transformation, digitalization, UX and UI, SEO and SEM optimization, and digital marketing strategy and performance. They will work closely with you to understand your brand and develop a strategic plan to help you achieve your goals.

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If you are looking for an agency that can help you with branding, advertising, and lots of storytelling, then Brandability is a perfect choice! With offices in Lisbon and Dublin, this is a full-service creative agency that combines traditional and digital marketing and communication.

Brand ability’s motto is that every brand has a story ready to be unlocked to reach its full potential. This vision has already enabled them to work with brands such as FNAC, Metropolitano de Lisboa (Lisbon’s Metro), Sonae Capital, Auchan, and many more.

What services are provided?

Branding, design and communication, marketing campaigns, content creation and management, digital presence, websites and app development, e-commerce implementation, video production, and illustration.

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Last but not least, our third marketing agency on our list is Unlock Brands. Founded in 2016, Unlock Brands is an agency that allies solid visual components to the marketing and brand thinking essential to elevate any strategy.

This creative agency is known for its irreverence and its expertise in branding. FIFA®, SAVOY, EXPO 2021 Doha Qatar, and Harv 81 are some of the brands the agency has worked with.

What services are provided?

Market and consumer analysis, product and service concept design, sports events branding, brand communication, digital communication, signage and wayfinding, advertising, and more.

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Does my brand need a marketing agency?

As a marketing professional, you always look for ways to improve your brand and reach more customers. A marketing agency can help you reach your goals.

Marketing agencies have the experience and expertise to develop creative and effective marketing campaigns to help your brand stand out from the crowd.

They can help you create a marketing strategy that fits your brand’s needs, goals, and challenges. A marketing agency will focus on ensuring your brand reaches the right target and media. In contrast, your team can focus on the business plan, improving the products/services, and generating more revenue for the brand. We believe it is a win-win situation! 😊

Why work with a marketing agency in Portugal?

Portuguese marketing agencies have a strong presence of good creatives, and many have won international awards. The vast presence of start-ups in the country resulted in marketing agencies that are used to working in competitive markets and accumulating experience across various industries - they're perfect if you want someone who can think outside traditional boundaries!

Also, while working with a marketing agency based in Portugal, you will benefit from very competitive rates without sacrificing the quality you are used to.

There you have it! These are our three best marketing agencies in Portugal. If your brand needs a solid marketing partner, check out these agencies. They will be able to help you reach new heights and achieve incredible goals!

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